Becareful ​about Cervical spondylosis

As the development of the internet and technology, the office working hour of people in an urban city is much longer than before. As a result, such a long time working sitting in front of the computer cause increasingly people suffering neck pain or cervical spondylosis problem. From the statics of PMC (US national library of medicine), there are more than two-thirds of the population have neck pain in their lives, typically the highest percentage in middle age. Accordingly, cervical spondylosis becomes an unavoidable problem and need to pay attention to this.

Reasons to cause cervical problems

There are several reasons to cause neck pain and finally arise cervical spondylosis. To begin with, let briefly talk about the structure of vertebrae, it is made up of 24 bones stacked on top of each other(see the below picture). Also, the intervertebral disk is between your vertebrae this plays a key role in the shock absorber when you are walking or running. In fact, many of the neck pain or back pain is caused by the degenerative changes of the spine as we age. Thus, this is an explanation of why the highest percentage of the patient is middle age since the problem is about to start at that time.

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As the age, the water content inside the intervertebral disk is beginning to dry and become weaken and lose its weight. Thus, the collapse of the space height of each joint of these bones is about to happen. Eventually, since the pressure of facet joint increase, it turns out to bone rubbing on the other and friction between each bone appear. Besides, your body may react to protect it by growing new bone in the joint to provide the strength of support and prevent the touching of the individual bones, and the bone overgrowth call bone spurs to become the reason.

Other factors to cause cervical spondylosis

As the mention above, age is the most important factor that arises the cervical spondylosis, on the other hand, there is still some factor will cause this disease followed by age:

  • genetics, the family history of neck problem will raise the probability like many other diseases.
  • lifestyle or occupation, like the office job or some special job that lack of movement or intensively neck motion respectively.
  • smoking, there is solid evidence of scientific analysis that proving a correlation between smoking and cervical spondylosis.

Awareness of cervical spondylosis

If you have the following symptoms, you need to pay attention to it.

  • headaches
  • popping or grinding noise when you move your neck
  • easy to lose body balance when you are running or even walking
  • muscle spasm in neck and shoulder, this must be happening in most of the people who have a long working hour in office.

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