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Rethink Campaign for Cervical Disease and Breast Cancer in 2010

Rethink Campaign 2010

This is a memorandum of our great campaign for cervical disease and breast cancer. The fundraising is a success and had raised more than expected. Thanks for all the coming party and support media. We have shared the list of the top donators, organization, and companies. Some fun pictures are also included in this article.Why we are doing this

Why we are doing this?

There are more than 80,000 new breast cancer patients in LA every year and we expect 50 times more in the world. Meanwhile, there are more than 30,000 cervical patients in the US every year and the trend is going up. Part of them is suffering from the financial problem and thus the medical condition. They are living under average life standard level. This is why Rethink comes in. We are a group of energetic young people that want to help this vulnerable group of people.

How we got here?

We have started many years ago and we keep doing the same thing fundraisings and charities each year. It is important that we manage to sustain the activities yearly and provide those patients with necessary help. In our path to here, we have received tons of help from the external parties, including other fundraising groups like the local red cross. They are kind and resourceful, which bring us through many obstructions.

Who we are appreciate

As I mentioned above, we received helps from local red cross and we do appreciate them. It is an awesome organization and we could not make it without them. Besides, we appreciate Long Beach Business Journal, Los Angeles Times and Signal Tribune. The journalists of them shared our story on local magazine and newspaper in our desperate time. We always owe them something.

All the support media

Nowadays, there are more and more media support disease fundraising organization. Other than the LBBJ, LA Times and the ST, we are also appreciate the donations from the Culver City Star, The Westsider and the Central News Wave. They donated 40% of our total received fund and their generous mind had made the world a better place.

Special guests

We also invited some special guests to participate in our annual fundraising party. There are too many of them and I have listed out some top donators. Their kindful actions have driven our society to a better place.

  • Angus Rowe Macpherson
  • Anduin Tel Elizabeth
  • Titan Ann
  • Quinn Sheldon
Rethink Party


During our party, there are many hardworking photographers that have shot us those incredible photos. Their maximum efforts had made our party more memorable. Here are the credits to those companies:

The annual Romp fundraising party is unparallel and will continue next year. If you like my post, please make sure you have made a bookmark on it. Our organization is always looking for business cooperation so that we will have more fund to those people needed it. If you are an individual and also care about cervical disease and breast cancer, please email us. We are asking you to join this fun and meaningful party.

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